Exterior Wayfinding

Wayfinding signage, as the name suggests, helps one find their way around a business, campus, or city. It can be can be as simple as aluminum panels to locate shipping/receiving areas or as complex as directing traffic to points of interest around a city. VISIBILITY and CONSISTENCY are key to create user friendly wayfinding signage. We’re here to help no matter how big or small the need!

Wayfinding signage is highly customizable and a great way to help your customers/citizens. Archer Sign has participated in numerous wayfinding packages including the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway, Midtown Cleveland, Sisters of Notre Dame Chardon Regional Center, City of Worthington, and RDU Airport.

For larger exterior packages, we can help to create a family of signs custom to your organization or city that can be used for numerous applications. A site plan will then be made and Archer Sign will help you map out where signage is necessary and how many of each sign type is needed.

Interior Wayfinding

Interior wayfinding is often seen around large buildings such as multi-tenant offices, hospitals, and airports. Building directories and directional signage are typical and Archer Sign will use floor plans to help you designate where signage is necessary and create decision points that require limited user navigation to help your customers reach their destination without worry.